Antipasti € 33                                                                                                                                                                       

Thinly sliced beef meat with tuna sauce (Vitello Tonnato)

Carmagnola grey rabbit, candied sage and sweet and sour vegetables

Veal tongue with parsley sauce and red wine jelly

Mama Bruna’s meatballs, red onions sauce and onion meringues°

Zucchini and basil flan with Grana Padano DOP cheese and vegetable sauces

Nile’s Salad : lettuce, lentils, olives, dates, chives, turmeric, red onion sauce, quail egg. In collaboration with Museo Egizio for its bicentenary.


Primi € 33                                                                                                                                                                              

Handmade ravioli filled with meat and spinaches in a roast broth°

Carnaroli Acquerello risotto “Green Pea” with cream of peas and Piedmontese finanziera sauce with sherry°

Omaggio a Gragnano: mezze maniche pasta with rabbit ragù, Grana Padano Dop cheese and beet

Enkirotto (Enkir cereal) with crispy and smoked quail, cumin seeds and coriander, beer spheres. In collaboration with Museo Egizio for its bicentenary.


Secondi   € 47                                                                                                                                                                       

Baked sea bass with asparagus and aromatic herbs bread crumbs

Creamy cod fish with thyme, turmeric, EVO oil, parsley spheres and durum wheat bread with raisins and onions. In collaboration with Museo Egizio for its bicentenary.

Veal kidney with mustard, potatoes purée and garlic clove°

Veal brains in milanese with candied orange onions from Ivrea and peas spheres


Pigeon az. Agr. Peri with plum compote, balsamic vinegar and foie gras°


Rib-eye steak from Piedmontese veal La Granda (long hanging)      (2 people)  € 100

The way our dad Roberto Vicina taught us, chef in grill cooking                             


Selection of cheeses from Eataly with mustard, Acacia honey and nuts and with plum compote   € 30         


Menù Emozionale

Bagna caoda to drink

Il Bollito Fritto with semi-candied vegetables, parsley sauce and homemade red sauce

Delicate asparagus soup with marjoram and black truffle

Leeks and potatoes ravioli, black truffle and pesto

Fassone beef fillet with Parma ham and artichokes

Cri Cri candy of Turin

Sukaj panna cotta with liquorice

Mini pastries

€ 110


Menù Emozionale, with the addition of two courses, selected by Chef Claudio Vicina

€ 150


I dolci € 25

Handmade ravioli filled with gianduja, zabajone sauce with Caluso Passito and apricot jam°

Nougat semifreddo with Acacia honey and IGP Piemonte roasted hazelnuts°

Ivrea typical chocolate cake (traditional recipe from Pasticceria Strobbia, Ivrea)

Spicy parfait with red fruit sauce, candied fruit focaccia. In collaboration with Museo Egizio for its bicentenary.

Hot zabajone with Caluso Passito wine and homemade gianduja ice cream

Gianduiotto filled with chocolate semifreddo°

Vermouth Antica Formula Carpano sorbet flavored with candied orange

Golden apple jelly with Moscato d’Asti wine, candied fruits


Discover the new CIOCCO-SFINGE, our exclusive creation dedicated to Museo Egiziothe typical giandujotto of Turin with the face of the Sphinx.                                                          

Limited edition, customized wooden box included.

€ 25


From the wine cellar of Stefano Vicina

Wine tasting from Piemonte, by glass (per person) € 60

Wine tasting from Italy, by glass (per person) € 80                                                                                             

COCKTAIL pairing, in collaboration with Michele Marzella (per person) € 70   





All our bread and breadsticks are produced with the organic flours from Mulino Marino,  Cossano Belbo (CN). 

If you like, before leaving the restaurant, Chef Claudio Vicina and his wife Anna are very pleased to meet you and show you the kitchen.

*frozen peas.

°This dish or part of it is purchased/fresh product processed and then chilled according to current haccp regulations. Our staff is available for further information


Please inform us about your allergies: you can find all the informations in the allergen list.