Stefano Vicina

“I truly believe in the added value of a good reception. When our guests enter the restaurants  it is as if they cross the threshold of the house immersing themselves in our world of flavors and creativity “The artistic and creative verve of the Vicina for Stefano is declined into the ability to contextualize and enhance the culinary proposals through a wise wine pairing and the creation of a unique atmosphere.

In choosing the wines to offer, Stefano Vicina prefers wineries that have an important history of passion and quality. The wine list, in fact, includes a careful selection of Italian and international proposals made with the support of his nephew Stefano D’Elia, member of the dining room team. Particular attention was paid to the choice of organic and conversion wines. The over 700 bottles are displayed in the open cellar located at the entrance to the restaurant.

In addition to his passion for the “art of reception”, his training follows the footsteps of his father Roberto, who has been for many years restaurant manager .
In cooperation with his brother Claudio and his sister in law Anna, he takes care of the initiatives such as tasting experience, cooperations with relevant chefs and renowed italian wineries’ labels.

The Team

Stefano D’Elia

Waiter and wine server

“I feel at home here, even if I am 1000 km away from my place of origin. During these years of work in the restaurant I became more and more fascinated to the world of wine. This interest pushes me into constant research and study in the daily life to broaden my horizons”
Stefano became part of the team in 2001 and during the years he specialized in the wine serving. Born in Puglia, he moved to Turin after High School graduation from technical accountant-programmer. Together with his wife ,Laura, he takes care of the restaurant hall under the careful guidance of Stefano Vicina, chef Maitre of the restaurant.

Laura Vicina

Waitress and communication and social media manager

Waitress and communication and social media manager
“The Restaurant is my second home, I grew up in this dynamic world of catering. I am proud to be part of a family project in which, with me and my sister Silvia 5 generations are involved in giving voice to the Piedmontese regional cuisine ”
Laura, first born, helps his uncle Stefano in the restaurant with all the activities. She is also the communication and social media manager. Her Science and Communication’s degree is, in effects, an added value to enhance and create new and innovative ideas.