Antipasti € 33                                                                                                                                                                       

Thinly sliced beef meat with tuna sauce (Vitello Tonnato)

Il Bollito Fritto (120th Anniversary new dish)

Russian salad with tuna mousse and olive cracker*

Gratin cauliflower flan with Grana Padano dop cheese

Mama Bruna’s meatballs and red onions sauce°


Primi € 33                                                                                                                                                                              

Handmade ravioli filled with meat and spinaches in a roast broth°

Carnaroli risotto “Green Pea” with cream of peas and finanziera°

Omaggio a Gragnano: calamari pasta with rabbit ragù, rosemary and EVO oil

Porcini mushrooms soup with thyme flavoured bread crumble

Poached egg, vegetables purée and ADAMAS® caviar


Secondi   € 47                                                                                                                                                                       

Sea bass with Maldon salt potatoes and vermouth sauce

Creamy cod fish with thyme and EVO oil

Veal kidney with mustard and garlic°

Fassone beef fillet with onions, mustard and red wine sauce

Veal brains with candied orange onions and peas


Rib-eye steak from Piedmontese veal La Granda (long hanging)      (2 people)

    The way our dad Roberto Vicina taught us, chef in grill cooking                                                                   € 100


Selection of cheeses from Eataly Lingotto                                                                                                                € 30


Menù 120th Anniversary

(for the whole table)

« Signature dishes »

Bagna caoda to drink

Grey rabbit with sweet and sour vegetables

Mama Bruna’s meatballs and red onions sauce°

Handmade ravioli filled with meat and spinaches in a roast broth°

Roasted Quail and Rabbit “since 1968”

Cri Cri candy of Turin


Mini pastries

€ 110


Menù Gastronomico

(for the whole table)

Piedmontese aperitif with Elixir “le Masche”

Bagna caoda to drink

Batsuà: breaded and fried pork feet with ginger and mustard salad

Porcini mushrooms marshmallow

Smoked carnaroli risotto with vermut, tomato, oyster and aromatic black pepper ice cream

Pigeon with plum compote with balsamic vinegar and foie gras°

Cremino cheese of Turin with candied fruit and mustard

New Bicerin of Turin

Sample of desserts

Mini pastries


€ 150



I dolci

Nougat semifreddo°

Ivrea typical chocolate cake (historical recipe of Pasticceria Strobbia)

Hot zabajone with homemade gianduja ice cream

Dark chocolate gianduiotto semifreddo°

Montebianco: meringue, chestnuts, cream and chocolate

Handmade ravioli filled with gianduja, zabajone and apricot jam

Granita Antica Formula Carpano

Homemade Ice Cream since 1980

Apple jelly with Moscato d’Asti wine

€ 25


From the wine cellar of Stefano Vicina

Wine tasting from Piemonte, by glass (per person) € 60

Wine tasting from Italy, by glass (per person) € 80                                                                                             

COCKTAIL pairing, in collaboration with Michele Marzella (per person) € 70   





*frozen peas.

°This dish or part of it is purchased/fresh product processed and then chilled according to current haccp regulations. Our staff is available for further information